Do not deal with this coward he is a poisonous liar!!!!!! He will worry you to death for a deposit,after he gets it he will not return your calls!

He hides,and may email you.This trailer trash stole my money over 10 months ago,when he does get in contact with you it will be a text or email and it's the same lie every time! Last week his wife text me and said he was sick, what a coward,getting your wife to do his dirty work!

I'm learning there are many people who have posted what this *** has done and is still doing to people! Will you are playing a dangerous game stealing people's money!!!!

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I know information on him and i build custom cookers myself just started up my business and trying to get started if you are interested in a custom cooker without getting scammedlet me know there is no deposit or payment on my cooker until its complete


I had the same problem finally got my grill it was junk has to pretty much rebuild the whole thing. Everything he says is a lie.

Wilson, North Carolina, United States #774459

I heard about this low life guy all the way down here. That's a *** shame! What comes around goes around!!!!!

to BBQman Boydton, Virginia, United States #774460

He's ripped several people of, thousands and thousands of dollars!

to Tmb Boydton, Virginia, United States #774462

He hounds you for a deposit and runs off and hides like a coward. He hides behind his trashy wife and she lies for him!!!!

to Anonymous Boydton, Virginia, United States #774463

I was supposed to do some events for the homeless but, can't this trash won't make the cooker! I have an investor that is very angry!!

to Tmb Boydton, Virginia, United States #774465

How long has it been since he robbed you?

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