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Will freeman is a Master LIAR!! Along with his trashy slutty wife!!

He will steal your money, lie and string you along for as long as he can! He claims he is steal working on my grill... It's been over 18 months. He's changed the name of his business and has several websites!!!

Beware...... He lives in Franklinton NC and has a shop in Asheboro NC. Will ignores your phone calls,if he does answer there's another excuse or lie why he doesn't have your project completed.

Look him up on line, rip off reports.I will be posting his home address license plate# etc. I will be posting all his emails and text messages on the local news stations.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Just got ripped off today. I'm close enough to make a trip, does anyone want to go?


This guy has been scamming me since March 2012. It’s always the same damn excuse of someone in my family died or I got sick.I would love to meet some of the victims at his home. Contact me if

to S. Smith #1489537

How do you contact him let me know? 804-6911883

to S. Smith #1518516

Let me know how to get in touch with him. 804-691-1883


He got me for 1300 under Anthony Cole. Why cant the cops arrest this guy? Any help please reach out to me as well 980-938-9868


He got me on July 4 under Anthony cole for 850$ have yet to see my money or a cooker he's a piece of *** any help would be nice 3362401481 call me

to Sd #1479914

He is outside his house now 2978 lions rest road asheboro nc 27205


He is now using the name Caddy Shack BBQ or Flamin Hot Grills. He took me for $1300 all of my christmas funds


Willie Freeman also scammed me out of $2900, he is currently going by the name Cole Harvey, ive been texting him for some time now. I have taken him to court here twice, he never even showed up, coward!!!

He still owes me the money and or a smoker, lmao!!!

When will the law in NC finally do something and arrest this man? Oh and what he is doing over the internet and state to state is a federal crime.

to Anon #1385396

Do u have his current #? He owes me as well. Thanks for any help

to Anonymous #1479917

2978 lions rest road asheboro nc 27203 he's there now he drives a blue f250

to Anon #1385883

Can u send his # to me? Thanks

to Anon #1417730

Can u send me his contact info? He owes me aswell


Looks like they got him

High Point, North Carolina, United States #1282983

510 city view street asheboro nc is current website.

Cjc-5362 is plates on white f150

High Point, North Carolina, United States #1282974

Same here. Met willie freeman at his home located at 510 city view street in asheboro, nc on January 1 2017.

Every week I have got a different excuse. The last one being his mother almost died. He still promising me pictures that I have not received yet. Will only talk to me through email from his craigslist ad.

I found his new website which is and started emailing him through it so I would have proof. He told me his name was bill free. When I left his house I took a picture (just in case) of his white ford f150 license plate. Well my good buddy downtown looked it up and that's how I got his real name willie freeman.

I called him willie and he about flipped out saying what are you talking about?! He still doesn't know I know everything about him. I will contact the asheboro officer that is posted here. Looks like this dude is still scamming after 6 years.

Why hasn't anything happened to him yet? The is ridiculous. If anybody has any info feel free to contact me.


There's no way he can defeat all of us. There are to many reports on him out there.

to John #1377549

Awaiting jury trial as of now. I was the first to bring charges and not back down from following through.

to TimeOut C-Store Dallas NC #1387974

Any outcome on trial?

to TimeOut C-Store Dallas NC #1402453

Any follow up? He just took me in November.

I wanted to know what you did. I want to file a claim.

to TimeOut C-Store Dallas NC #1459946

Any luck with will freeman?

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